It’s SUP time! Anytime!

Do you Stand Up Paddle? If you do, and you are like us, then celebrate SUP! 

We started SUPtime as a way to celebrate our love for the sport, a discovery that changed our outlook on life. To us SUP is about having fun and making the most of every moment, soaking in the sun and getting exercise to boot.  SUP is a great equalizer in that almost anyone can try it, do it and enjoy it.  Whether you prefer the wavy coastlines, rocky rivers or still waters Stand Up Paddle is a great way to enjoy life.  

One truth we know about SUP is more than a paddle and a board you need a clean and safe environment to venture forth.  Clean water is essential to the world.  All across the country countless efforts are being made to keep our waterways clean and to provide clean water for those in need. It is important to us to be an active part of those efforts.  At SUPtime we are working toward those same goals.  It starts with education and awareness and goes to making efforts to keep our local water clean and extends to helping bring clean water to others. 

Each year we will donate 10% of our profits to ChartiyWater.org.  The organization is successfully working hard here in the US to bring clean water to nations around the world through broad community efforts and programs. Charity: Water is one of many organizations dedicated to this cause and one that we support.  We ask you to join us and find a cause important to you.  Every little bit helps, every drop builds toward a wave of change.

Share your passion with us on pinterest, facebook and twitter and help spread the word about SUP and clean water. 

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